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Please Note: We have a $25 fee for cancelling all massages.

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Mendocino Essential Massage: Reap the benefits of this classic Swedish relaxation massage. Long flowing strokes will be combined with a variety of soothing techniques to address areas of tension. Enjoy a head-to-toe feeling of well-being.

60 mins for $95

90 mins for $135

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage focuses on bodywork techniques that use deeper pressure to target one or two areas of concern while releasing tension. Stretching and joint mobilization techniques will be interwoven to increase overall circulation and flexibility.

60 mins for $115

90 mins for $155

Sea Breeze Romance (Couples Massage): The magic of romance and the vitality of the sea meet in one extraordinary treatment. Two therapists will pamper you and your partner with a delightful blend of massage techniques to relax and nurture both of you.

60 mins for $190

90 mins for $270

La Pierre Chaude (Warm Stone) Massage: A therapeutic full body massage using warm river stones softens tight muscles and eases tension. The life energy of the warm stones induces a profound sedative effect on the body in a massage that’s perfect for our cool coastal days.

60 mins for $135

90 mins for $175

Finishing Touches for Your Massage

Warm me up! ($50)

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